PUBLIC AUTO AUCTION March 17, 2018 – 10:00 AM

Auction Pre-Inspection on March 16 from 8 AM to 5 PM

Can I sell my vehicle at the auction?

Yes, dealers and the public are welcome to consign vehicles in our auction.

What will it cost to sell my vehicle?

There will be a $50 listing fee for all vehicles consigned at the auction. This fee will cover the costs for a mandatory VA state inspection, photos and marketing. The listing fee will be deducted from your check if the vehicle sells. If the vehicle does not sell, you will need to pay us the $50 before you will be allowed to remove your vehicle.

Why does my vehicle need to be VA state inspected before the auction?

Virginia law requires that all dealerships inspect vehicles before they are resold to the public. The vehicle can be sold with a new inspection or a rejection if it doesn’t pass. If the vehicle has a rejections sticker, we will need to notify prospective purchasers and the buyer will need to sign a waiver stating that they understand they are buying a vehicle that does not pass VA State Inspection. If while we are getting your vehicle inspected, we find something that causes it to fail, we will contact you with a quote to have it repaired at your option. Vehicles with a new Virginia State Inspection will tend to sell much better than ones that have a rejection sticker.

When do I need to have my vehicle at the auction?

Your vehicle will need to be delivered to the auction no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday March 14.   However, if you want maximum marketing exposure for your vehicle it would be a good idea to deliver it as soon as possible.  We will be accepting vehicles beginning March 1st.

Do I need to have the title for my vehicle in order to sell it at the auction?

Yes, we must have a clear title available the day of sale unless prior arrangements are made with auction management. We will also require a consignment agreement to be signed when the vehicle is delivered to the auction.

Do I need to keep my tags and insurance on the vehicle while it is at the auction?

Yes, your tags and insurance must remain current and on the vehicle until it is sold. We will take your tags off on the day of sale and return them to you with your payment so that you can turn them in to the DMV or transfer them to another vehicle.

Can I set a minimum below which I will not sell my vehicle?

Yes, we will accept vehicles with a reasonable reserve price established before the auction and specified on the consignment agreement.

When do I get paid if my vehicle sells?

Checks will be available for pickup or mail out two business days after the auction.

What happens if the bidding for my vehicle does not meet the reserve price?

If the bidding does not meet the reserve, we will not sell your vehicle. You will be liable for the $50 listing fee. We will reinstall your license plates and you will be required to remove your vehicle from the premises within 7 days after the end of the auction. Storage fees will apply after day 7.

What if my vehicle has a mechanical or cosmetic defect?

We will be selling all vehicles as-is where is with no warranty or guarantee. However; we will encourage all bidders and buyers to do their due diligence in checking out a vehicle before they bid on it. We will also announce any major issues that we are aware of.

What if my vehicle doesn’t run or drive?

At this sale we will only be selling vehicles that run and drive. If you cannot drive the vehicle to the auction we will not sell it.


Auctioneer: Linford Berry VAAL #4397 VADLR #28122